Hi. I’m a socialist pan-sexual Chinese-American.
What do you think of me so far?
What if I said I was a right-wing straight Jewish dude?
I suppose that’s one benefit of the internet. We don’t typically introduce ourselves with a list of categories under which we fall, but had I met you in person you would have thought (whether consciously or subconsciously) about the type of person I was based on where I come from, how I looked, dressed, talked, or whatever other assumptions you would make about me.
Now that I’m meeting you online, however, you have no idea who I am and can judge me based only off of what I say.
(The ultimate hiding place?)
Welcome to the internet. I’m a culture-less, gender-less, political-view-less, sexual-orientation-less human being (or so you think). It’s nice to meet you.

My hopes for this page are to allow a safe space for fostering conversation without the dangers of personal judgment or attack that usually come with discussing topics such as those I will be writing about.

While I prefer to remain “untitled,” feel free to share any stories which expose your own labels.